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Book “Introduction to Programming with C#” now in English!

“Dear readers, After many months, even years of hard work of over 100 participants we are proud to announce that “Intro C# book” was officially published in English: Thanks to all who participated in this project: translators, editors, volunteers, authors,

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Кой език за програмиране да учим?

Светлин Наков: Наскоро ми попадна статистиката на колегата Мирослав Мирославов за търсенето на софтуерни инженери в българската софтуерна индустрия и не можах да се стърпя да направя коментар на тези данни и да посоча малко изводи, които можем да си направим от

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Visual Studio – useful tools

1. Brace Completer – Automatically adds closing braces after typing an opening brace and pressing Enter. More information: Brace Completer does exactly what the name says. When you type an opening curly brace and press enter, it automatically fills in

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